Playing around with the ESPN API a bit lately. I made a quick Rails app to pull in all the NBA teams and display the headlines for each team. Check it out at here.

The API is pretty cool and is progressively getting better. The problem is a lot of the cool stuff is only available to 'partners'. Hopefully they open it up a bit more in the future.

04 Apr 2013

Responsive design is in full effect these days. It's a easy way to make sure you site looks good for everyone. Since all of my personal projects are responsive I wanted a way to quickly check my sites. So, I made a little app to send a set screenshots to any email address. Check it out at

It's fairly simple right now, but I have some plans to make it better. I want to add the ability for developers to post to site after a deployment. This will allow a quick sanity check of the site and prove to whoever that the feature(s) were released.

03 Feb 2013

I just finished up some work for a great photographer in Omaha. Check it out at Look Portrait.

I used a couple of new tools this time around. First was Middleman for making a static site but with the advantages of reusable templates, SASS/LESS, and a suite of other features.

For the grids system I tried out Bourbon Neat. Neat is a sweet little fluid grid system developed by some guys at Thoughtbot. It is a different take on grids than I used before and I really liked it. The fluid grids just work and are easily configurable.

I'll post some updates soon, been lazy lately/busy with a baby. Baby Dillon pics :-)

12 Dec 2012