At work the other day we hit 100,000 users. It was pretty exciting as it is by far the largest site I have ever worked on. We also had a hacknight that night at work and was looking to do something with the theme of user and their avatars. So I started playing around with something on JSBin to see if I could make one of those mashups of small pictures creating a larger picture. This isn't perfect but it shows some cool use cases for some new CSS3 properties. Check it here: 100,048.

24 Aug 2012

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15 Aug 2012

Working on some random jQuery this weekend I noticed something about data-attributes that I hadn't before. Apparently jQuery's .data() function tries to coerce any number like value into an actual JS number object. This means data-whatever="0000" turns into whatever=0 in the .data() object. So, it is advised to use .attr() whenever you need to get the true value of an attribute.

15 Jul 2012