Responsive Smith

June 30, 2011 15:04

Smith1024 is now a bit more responsive. I changed up the scaffolding to be more fluid. This should allow for more flexibility (literally) in the future.

I am currently finishing Ethan Marcotte's (@beep) Responsive Web Design book. It is a short book but has tons of great info. I plan on adding in CSS3 media queries for some more fun later on.

Also check out the new transitions on the menu and header.


Finished this book last week and made a few changes to the site last night. Main changes I made were:

  • Better zoom on mobile devices with the viewport meta tag.
  • Added a min-width media-query to change up the navigation on smaller screens. I dare you to load it up on your Android or iPhone!
  • Added media query for large screens which adds padding to the bottom of each posts first paragraph. If the lines did not wrap then the second paragraph would scrunch up below it.

Pretty simple but powerful stuff. After reading up some more, a lot of people are preferring adaptive design over responsive design.